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Is Life Perfect After The University?

Well that will depend on our definition of perfect. To someone, they dream of getting married to a fine ass man, having kids and living off their husbands money #ThePerfectlife #Goals .

To another person, they had the connection to a well paying job and boom they are living the dream. They can afford a flat, own a car and can party every weekend. #TheLife .

To another, maybe get papers and travel abroad .

But then , i keep thinking is that life? Living the ” la vida loca” , getting married to the richest man, having a huge job , attending a big church where you can show off your riches effortlessly etc .

Like I’ll always say , growing up is a trap. At a younger age, you had all these dreams, ambitions, in your head, you imagined this perfect life which unfolded stage after stage.

In my mind after the university , travel abroad , get married and live happily ever after was the ideal life .

But after you achieve all those things , boom!! you are still unhappy. You still feel a void inside you.

What is it you are not doing right? You ask.

Are you following your goals, are you fulfilling Gods purpose for your life? .
You see you have to live a life that impacts others.

Having all the fame, money and popularity will never make you satisfied until you know you are able to give back to your community.

Life after university is no longer the dream life, it is the reality. How do you come out of your imaginations into action? That’s where the difficulty lies.

I wish someone prepared me for the life ahead. I wish someone told me , that journalism you are reading in school, you were learning how to communicate, not necessarily on how to become a journalist upon graduation.

I wish i was told that i was going to face real financial and relationships problem.

Relationships move from just sharing ” cite” room keys to actually signing certificates and officially moving into someone’s house forever.

How to act in the job world? Was never easy . How do you build up confidence to do a job that’s always been in your head.

You see i always knew i wanted to write and that i could write. But then i landed a writing job and then boom i lost all my senses of writing. I was no longer in my dream world, i was in a professional world. where people get paid and get fired for not doing their job.

Good thing is, i learnt to embrace the failure and it made me grow. I know in life you have to fail,  make it a vision to fail, because after the failure comes growth.
Like rachel lampa said in her song ” beauty is just a word”

“And it’s hard so you can know it’s right
And pain nothing ever grows without you
And hurt is just a chance to heal
And tears are just a call to feel
And pain, beauty’s just a word without you”

You learn to do things the right way.

You see there’s a difference in failing exams with actually failing life’s test.

I’d say to the one who just graduated that; learn , learn and learn . And how do you do that? Live, live and live. Try out everything you lay your hands on. You don’t have to be passionate about something before you do the thing. Venture into everything that fosters your growth.

Live everyday like its your last. People are going to evolve around you, you will feel the weight of the world on your shoulders. You will cry, you will be back-stabed . Sometimes you will be screwed over .

Despite all these challenges, keep your integrity. Develop your character, be strong and make it a decision to stand out. Above all, live a Christfilled life. Trust God and surrender your life to God’s plan. He alone can see your journey , trust the process. If God brought you this far, he is not about to leave you.

Make every moment count . Destiny is not a destination, there’s no “at last” or landing place. The future is now . Live it

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