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The Woman To Woman Credo

Together, we can break off shackles, set millions free, and conquer the world . Who run the world???

Women have been so insecure for so long that they have become masters in the art of bringing others down, envy , hatred etc.

But i don’t blame them at all. women have been sold the narrative that you can only be better than your friend to be validated.

You have to be better, badder and finer to be considered good.

Thats why you can have comments like ” congrats dear , you did great for a woman” .

Putting women forever in endless. And senseless competitions.

What we don’t realize is , every other woman is going through the same thing you are going through. The injustice, the thirst to be validated . Being a woman comes with a full baggage of stress.

You have to continually show prove of being ” A strong woman”. Constantly trying your best to escape the worlds classification of woman (weak, soft, lazy, dependent etc).

So what if I’m girly, or slutty , or churchy? All these has nothing to do with my femaleness but everything with who i’am as a person .

By the way, who sets the standards of who or what a woman is supposed to be ?

Men don’t validate us, they can’t create us, neither can they wash away our sins with their blood.

The only person who has the woman manual book is our creator, Our God. That’s the only person that can define the purpose and role of a woman.

The devils greatest fear is women in unity . The curse in Genesis puts women against the devil . So he knows the best way to keep manifesting is to put asunder amongst women .

The moment women are united, the devil is in serious trouble .
Yes we have such power.

And dear woman, know this; you don’t have to be bigger, badder, or better than anyone but you.

It is okay for you to train other women and not feel like you will loose your shine to them. Without being afraid that they might one day replace you.

But be happy when you create space for others and watch them excel in it even more than you.

Life doesn’t have to be a heartbeat competition, everyone can sit at the table and it’s okay.

Hence, take out time : call your friend, let her know you love and admire her. Tell her she’s amazing and that you see her hustle.

Or tag her to let her know “babe i love you, keep doing you.”

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