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Thought Provoking Quotes on Truth

Fools lie. Clever men stick to the truth.


Dream as if you’ll live forever live as if you’ll die tomorrow.

I feel safe in the midst of my enemies, for the truth is all powerful and will prevail.

Telling the truth and making someone cry is better than telling a lie and making someone smile.

The truth doesn’t cost anything, but a lie could cost you everything.


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  2. Lulu says:

    Thanks to. The admin for sending all amazing quotes so that i can read evryday and boost myself from negativity..thanks😇

  3. Judith says:

    Thanks for the amazing qoutes!

  4. Shaanzly says:

    It’s really outstanding quotes…
    Keep it up 👍

  5. Hira says:

    Thanks for the outstanding qoutes.

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