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Beautiful love Quotes for you

A day spent without you feels like an entire year. I miss you every minute that passes by. I’m sure you will connect with at least one of the following love and dating quotes below.


Even the most independent woman at times wishes she had a good man to depend on.

Don’t be afraid to lose him because if a man truly loves you, he’s not going anywhere.

Wait for the one who would do anything to be your everything.

A good Relationship is when someone accepts your past, support your present and encourages your future.

If we date there will be moments when I will just stare at you and smile, know that in those moments I’m appreciating everything about you.


5 thoughts on “Beautiful love Quotes for you”

  1. April Sagraves says:

    I want to read more

    1. Dawn says:

      Lovely and so true

    2. Pandurang says:

      These are heart touching quotes . So I need to read more

  2. Sherwin says:

    That’s why love conquers all

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