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To and too, what is the difference

Some words in the English language are really tricky. They either have almost the same spelling or have similar prunounciations.


Consider these words: To and Too

To is used used as a preposition which indicates direction. Faith walks to work everyday. She is saying hello to aunty Ruth. Often To is used in the infinitive for of verbs. Sandra waited till the last hour to do her assignment. It is easy to cook this meal.

On the other hand, too is used as an intensifier, it equally means “also”  John is keeping us for too long. Marcus is now working too. The tree is too tall.


8 thoughts on “To and too, what is the difference”

  1. Irene says:

    To and too
    Challenge me with Words
    for crying out loud
    Didnt sign up to have intellect insulted
    Who in earth are you aiming the obvious at
    7 year olds
    Have patiently waited for real English
    I’ll need to unsubscribe

  2. Muntaka Abdulkadir Alkasim says:

    To and too
    I am going to school everyday.
    The water is too hot to drink.

  3. Dhushyant says:

    I am going to work now
    I wish you too

  4. Maria says:

    I want to cook a meal
    I was too late

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