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Soul Surgery: Overcoming Pain

Sometimes your soul undergoes pain, that can not be calm until surgery is performed on it. you know that kind of pain that;

That moves around your body. It picks a spot and you hold your breath till it passes and then it will just move to another spot. You fight to pretend that you are not hurting and you try not to cry out or just cry. You feel tired but you cannot sleep only a version of sleep where you hear everything and you become adrenaline charged wide awake.

Heart pounding and exhausted you go back down if you can at all. Your finger and toe tips sometimes go numb and you cannot stand being cold. Your muscles knot and twist and you try to relax and not not tense because a excruciating headache might be next. You have bouts of depression and I personally run away in music or fantasy to cope a lot.

You can’t talk right all the time and you struggle to think clearly and focus. Yeah that’s enough for now.

However, pain cannot be concealed, it cannot be shoved behind and say Keep quiet. No, pain demands to be felt.

Most times we think we put up walls and facades to mask or hide the pain , it’s just going to go away .. No. Pain stays until you learn to use it.

Yes, you can use your pain. Every pain comes with a gain. If you stop ignoring it long enough, you will realise that it came to serve you. Pain doesn’t change you, it reveals you.

f you stop yourself from feeling pain, you are going to act it out .. and you don’t know who or what you will be raining down blood on.

Take out time, connect to your soul. It demands to be noticed. Process your feelings, accept what needs to be accepted and use them for a greater good .

Someday, you will come to the realization that all the hurt and pain weren’t for nothing. The heartbreaks you’ve endured and wrong people you’ve met throughout your life won’t be in vain, because eventually you will experience the right type of love with the right person.

No more games, no more playing with your emotions, no more trust issues because this person will show you what true love is all about. They won’t sell you a dream and change within a few months They will be entirely devoted to you, and you alone. Yes, there is such a person out there for you. Did you really think out of 7 billion people in the world, none would be compatible to you?
No pain, no gain

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