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Affect and Effect, difference clarified

Most often a lot of people get confused with the words affect and affact. These 2 wods can be quite intriguing as they have similar spellings. We have simplified the difference between these 2 words here. Let us look at their meaning.


Affect (noun) – Represents feeling or emotion, as it relates to psychology

One of the telltale signs to know there is love is persistent positive affect.

The lockdown did not affect those in other regions.


Effect (verb) – to create or to cause

The new principal is trying to effect positive change in her students.

Your performance is an effect of too much play.

Ensure tha the children effect the correction before midday.




27 thoughts on “Affect and Effect, difference clarified”

  1. Jeannie Brown says:

    I appreciate your service. It aids me in attaining the correct effect. However, you have so many errors in your texts that it weakens others trust in your service. Please edit carefully before sending your texts.

  2. Ghulamullah Sandeelo says:

    As you have mentioned that the words “affect”and “effect”have similar spellings whereas the spellings and pronunciation are very different.Pl correct.

  3. Shahid iqbal says:

    The typos and spelling mistakes affect authenticity. However your efforts can not be underestimated.

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