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Daily Archives: April 26, 2019

Thought Provoking Quotes on leadership

Here is what distinguishes a leader from a follower. Leaders are innovative while followers are implimentative. As a leader, you have to stay on the edge by continously striving to be innovative.   Find the right people not the best people. One voice can change

Powerful Leadership Quotes

You are a leader, you possess the qualities that makes you to be followed. You posses the power to influence and impact. Ever thought of this? Well it’s time to think over it. Read these leadership quotes and remember! Think over them.   If your

New English words

Here are some new words added to the English Dictionary   Aucklander, Noun. A person who is a native or comes from Auckland, New Zealand. Petercrush is an Aucklander. Baff, noun. A slipper, especially one which is old and won out. Usually in plural The

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