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Life Is Too short, So Live Your Best

I’m been trying to be someone else for so long. It didn’t matter who I was trying to be as long as I wasn’t me and I realized that when I took my mask off and looked in the mirror and I tell myself that this is the only chance for now I get to actually be me…

I freeze because something that seems impossible for other people somehow became possible for me; I forgot who I was. I continued looking at my reflection and said my full name but when it came out it sounds like this foreign language that I was still learning. It wasn’t that I necessarily lost myself it’s just I forgot how to find myself.

I ignored it and claim that I was stupid. Not long after that I try remember the things I truly like not the things I said I liked to please other people. I realize that nothing came up. Facts that I should know about myself didn’t come up in my book of knowledge. Trying to remember the little things I enjoyed in life was like trying to collect memories of an very old friend of mine. The memories are faint and the details are almost transparent. The only thing keeping me alerted of the old friend are elderly pictures of when I were happy with them. I stopped and realized that, that’s all I was to myself. An old friend.

A friend that left without an explanation. Days, months praying that they would come back. Then I got tired of waiting. Reality strikes me and I register that they are gone. Maybe one day I’ll bump them but memories of who I was are absent. Leaving me forever questioning if we will ever be friends again.


I was laughing with my friends today when I realized something. Life is nothing but moments. That fight you had with your best friend is just a moment. The time you were up all night finishing a project is just a moment. The night you watched the sunset with the boy you thought you’d marry is just a moment.

The championship that you lost is just a moment. The road trip you spent with your friends singing to throwbacks is just a moment. Every up and every down and everything in between is just a moment that passes with time. You may remember these moments and you may not, but what you will remember is the people you spent them with and the way you felt.

The way she made you laugh, the way he made you cry, and the way they made you feel like you were on top of the world when you were nowhere but with your best friends. All of these moments and feelings and people combine to make up a bigger moment that we call life. In all of eternity, our life is just a moment.

Appreciate the moment you’ve been given and the people you’ve been given to spend it with, because no matter how beautiful or tragic a moment is, it always ends. So hold on a little tighter, smile a little bigger, cry a little harder, laugh a little louder, forgive a little quicker, and love a whole lot deeper because these are the moments you will remember when you’re old and wishing you could rewind time. Not a single thing lasts forever, so you better damn well enjoy it before it’s gone.

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