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Not Everyone is For Everyone

Always remember that you’re going to make mistakes in life. No one is perfect, and not everyone is going to agree with some of the decisions, words you’ve said,spoken or even written. I’m not saying that this justifies all the mistakes I’ve made. There are decisions, and words that still haunt and taunt me every night – they do.

What I’ve learnt, is that some of these decisions made – they can lead to drastic changes in life. A lost of a friend, a change in life’s path, or sometimes a fork in the road. Don’t beat yourself up for what has already happened. Learn from the mistakes and learn how you can be a better person than before. Not everyone is going to agree with your decisions, your actions or your words. Its very different when you’re a player and a spectator. It really is. As a spectator, we think or we might think that we know everything.

We anticipate moves, we’re strong-headed and minded on our views of the situation. & sometimes we forget, we forget that we’re not the player. We are not in the game, we’re merely watching. As a player, it’s a world different. As a player, the decisions that are made were made fit to that situation. Feelings, thoughts, emotions – you’re a mess.

There are many strings to a puppet, and sadly, to fully function all the strings need to move in sync. No one will truly understand the emotions, thoughts that are running through your mind at 2am in the morning. They won’t.

Only you do. Spectators think they’ve got it all figured out, but they don’t. Sometimes they throw a huge fit when a player screws up, and forfeits a match. Same as life, you can give someone advice, but never think you know what they’re going through, because you don’t.

A wise man once said “Never assume, never judge, because one day you might find yourself in the same situation as they are (just so times worst)”. If you’re going to be a friend in that situation, you’ve got to be okay with the outcome. You’ve got to understand that ultimately, this is his/her choice to make in life. Sometimes as friends, we see our friends make crappy decisions that we aren’t all too happy about. But as long as we’ve did our part as a friend, that’s all that matters. How a person leaves, says a lot about their character. As much as you can say otherwise, it does.”

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