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You Are here For a Reason

I need you to understand that you are here for a reason. And I know that sometimes it doesn’t feel that way. I know that sometimes life can be a difficult thing to navigate, it can break you down and challenge you in ways you never thought it would. But I also know that you have the potential to do incredible things in this world.

I also know that you have the capacity to overcome whatever it is that is hurting you, or confusing you, or making you doubt yourself. Please, I need you to believe in that. I need you to believe, with reckless abandon, that you are meant to be here. I need you to trust in yourself —even if you haven’t figured out what inspires you deeply, even if you haven’t discovered your purpose, even if you’re moving forward in the simplest, smallest of ways. Just keep going. Wake up each morning, and be gentle with yourself.

Do the work. Feel whatever it is that you need to feel. Tuck beautiful memories into your chest for safekeeping, revisit them whenever things get too tough. Remind yourself of the art you want to create, of the humans you have yet to meet, of the places you have yet to see. No matter what, just continue to remind yourself that you are going to make it, that you are going to heal, that above all else — you are going to survive.

Remember the Universe gave up celestial pieces of itself to craft you. So much had to conspire in order for you to be here. So be here. Be here, and be exactly who you want to be. Create the art you want to create. Speak your heart into existence.

Bloom where you are planted. Dig and dig and dig into the core of your passion, and hold on to whatever ignites something inside of you, hold onto whatever stirs your soul. Get to know yourself, and own it; never apologize for the way your heart beats against your chest.

Never apologize for taking up space. Just be here. Just be here and remember — you were bred from the crashing, and folding of the Universe into itself. Life may be messy, but you were born from a chaos that existed between stars. The same energy flows through you. Turn it into art. Turn it into strength. Turn it into beauty, like it turned itself into you.


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