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You Are The Best

Who taught you to be small? who taught you that these cracks were flaws? Taught you that your light couldn’t shine through the fractures and scars? Who told you to accept what you were given & did not want? Told you that any love was better than searching for the one only meant for you? The one that has always been inside yourself.

Do not listen to them.

Their mouths are full of turpentine & cyanide. They twill strip all that is gold from your feathered limbs & leave you unraveled – all pock marked, pink•skinned, & alabaster boned. You

Here not made to be grounded. You need the crisp air, a belly full of laughter, a heart carrying so much love you feel the scams stretching. Mostly, you need to realize that one by one the population has swelled to billions, but even still you were hand selected, all beauty and flaw, to never be replicated.

You are the finest art to have ever been created. you are the best thing that could happen to the creator, for you are His dream come through.

you were wonderfully and fearfully designed, so never listen outside advice about what you can be. you are the best.

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