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Woman To Woman

I know it may not be popular, at times it even seems like it’s going out of style, but for me there’s nothing like being a woman. And, no, I don’t believe every girl born a female becomes a woman. I’m talking about a breed

Be Bold To Live Out Your Dreams

Many people are scared of being themselves . So many people are scared living their dreams . What ever cage they have been confined to, we can only pray they leave soon. Hopefully, some day, we will all break from the cage of; What would

It Had To Be You 

It had to be you with the fight It had to be you with the struggles, the pain, hurt, the loss . It had to be you with the issue of blood With the dirty past , with the wrong label Be cause anybody else

Insecurity Is A Killer Disease

Insecurity Is A Killer Disease There was this girl at the university She dreamt of being a banker marry the man of her dreams Live happily ever after The fairy tale life. But her life took a different twist Things became trendy Her crew became

You Think You’re Ugly? Read This

You keep telling yourself that you’re ugly, How you can’t possibly love yourself cos every time you look in the mirror, you don’t like what you see, The stretch marks, loose skin, gap between your front teeth, over analysing every single part of yourself, destroying

Black Skin Girls Are Never Ugly

Now a days, some black ladies (and surprisingly some black guys too) have fallen for the beauty myth that the lighter the skin, the more beautiful the person. To get this light skin they so desire, dark-skinned people bleach their skin with dangerous chemicals that

Be Yourself, Know Your Worth

I want you to know right now that you are too strong to live life hurt. You are too beautiful to let someone’s ugly ways make you insecure of yourself. It’s time to stop crying over the person that’s making someone else smile, and let GOD

Learning To Love Yourself: No To Insecurities

Learning to love yourself , is the greatest love of all ~ Whitney Houston The The biggest struggle in life is the struggle to know, embrace, and accept ourselves, with all of our faults and imperfections. When we have the courage to let the walls

Toxic love

Toxic love; Own Your Happiness  

Toxic love I gave you everything, and it still wasn’t enough You made me feel like I was nothing, you made me believe that I was difficult to love And I like a fool, I kept trying until it became too much. I got in